Clare Rose

Inspiration to empower people to do more

From the time she started the Clare Rose Foundation in 1997 to her death in 2007, Valerie Vincent steered the Foundation’s grantmaking to causes to which she felt a strong connection through relationships she formed with leaders in her community. Since its inception, the Foundation has made grants based on the passion Valerie had for empowering the leaders of nonprofit organizations or educational institutions that provided services to underserved populations.

Since 2007, Valerie’s daughter Anne has continued the work of the Clare Rose Foundation in San Diego County. As her mother was committed to relationships she built with leaders in her community, Anne has formed relationships with leaders in San Diego, creating strategic partnerships to advance the mission of the Clare Rose Foundation.

Meeting the mission

The Clare Rose Foundation is dedicated to building the capacity of non-profit leaders, organizations, and the non-profit sector in order to increase their sustainability to have an even greater impact on those they serve. 

The Clare Rose Foundation takes a trust-based philanthropic approach to funding, collaborating with partners from a place of trust and transparency, recognizing that they are the experts in their fields and seeking to benefit from their expertise.

Collaborative Partnerships

The Clare Rose Foundation partners with the Fieldstone Leadership Network San Diego to invest in the leadership development of nonprofit professionals, strengthening their impact organizationally for the benefit of the broader community. This partnership, which has grown to encompass multiple programs, started in 2013 with the establishment of the Clare Rose Sabbatical program, a nationally-recognized program for providing much-needed respite to nonprofit executives while also empowering their staff and building capacity in their organizations.

In 2017, the Clare Rose Foundation launched a Creative Youth Development Initiative, inspired by the work being done by the National Partnership for Creative Youth Development and their National Action Blueprint, to grow grantmaking to CYD organizations and provide leadership in establishing collective action to strengthen the field of CYD. As a co-founder, funding partner, driver, and convener of the San Diego Creative Youth Development Network, the Clare Rose Foundation has worked closely with local partners to build and strengthen the field of CYD in San Diego and serve as a model of collective action that can be replicated regionally and nationally. In 2022, the Foundation will take another step to scale its impact and build capacity in the CYD field with the establishment of The Clare Rose Center for Creative Youth Development.

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